fpt and WinFPT Reference Manual - Command-line Commands

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fpt Installation under Linux

Please install fpt as follows:

  1. Licensing: The fpt distribution contains a community licence key for analysis and re-engineering of WRF. If you are not working on WRF please check that you have a licence key. The keys are distributed in files named user.fsp. A file with this name is present in the downloadable distributions as a place holder, but this does not contain a key which will enable fpt or WinFPT to run. Keys may be requested through the download area of simconglobal.com, or by contacting SimCon.
  2. Check that C shell is installed on your system. For example: $ which csh
    On some Linux systems it is not installed by default. If it is not, please install it, e.g. under Ubuntu: $ sudo apt-get install csh
  3. Choose a directory into which fpt is to be installed. This may be a system directory, for example, /usr/lib/, or a local directory within you own file system. Un-tar the distribution into this directory. The distribution is already arranged in sub-directories of a directory named fpt, e.g. $ cd /home/john/util $ tar -xvf /home/john/Downloads/fptilnx_3.9-q.tar.gz
  4. Change directory to the fpt directory which has been unpacked. Execute setup in this directory (Note that you may need to make setup executable, for example: $ chmod a+x setup. If the chosen directory is a system directory, setup must be run as root. e.g.: $ cd /home/john/utils/fpt $ ./setup
    setup may prompt for further information.
  5. Change to the examples directory, and run fpt on an example program to test the installation, for example: $ cd examples/met_rocket/fpt $ fpt met_rocket.fsp %i

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